Monday, October 27, 2008

Why a Comprehensive Plan

What is the Comprehensive Plan? The City of Beaufort will be adopting a detailed written plan that provides guidelines for growth, development and government of the city for the next twenty years.

Why is a Comprehensive Plan being adopted? A Comprehensive Plan is Beaufort’s blueprint for the future. South Carolina law requires cities to adopt a new plan every ten years. Beaufort’s old plan is about to expire.

Who Adopts the Plan? Beaufort City Council is responsible for adoption of the plan. Final consideration is likely in early Spring of 2009.

What Kind of Input is Being Sought for the Plan? At the direction of City Council, city staff have hired design consultants to assist in creating the plan. City Council has also appointed a Steering Committee of 17 citizens whose job is to advise the consultants and council and create broader opportunity for public input into the plan.

Why is the Comprehensive Plan important to me? The plan will have a direct impact on how local government functions on your behalf, and will strongly influence decisions affecting issues like:
  • Traffic
  • Public Improvements
  • Parking
  • Open Space, Parks, Recreation and Greenways
  • Transit Alternatives
  • Environmental Quality
  • Residential Development and Density
  • Cultural and Art Facilities
  • Neighborhood Identity and Preservation
  • Nature & Location of Commercial Development
  • Historic Preservation
  • Taxation and Public Indebtedness
How can I get involved?
  • Go to the Comprehensive Plan website link on the City’s website at where you can fill out a survey, get informational updates and leave written comments.
  • Email Beaufort City Staff at or call staff at (843) 525-7011.
  • Contact a member of the Steering Committee, whose names, addresses and phone numbers are on the Comprehensive Plan website or available at the City Planning Department.
  • Contact a leader of your local community association or a business or civic association.
  • Attend one or more of the public planning meetings listed on the attached meeting schedule.
These meetings are specifically designed for public participation. The consultants, many steering committee members and city staff will be present. Check the Comprehensive Plan website, call City Hall, or check the newspapers for specific times and topics.

This planning effort will have an important impact on Beaufort’s future and your lives as citizens. Please participate as much as you can.


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