Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Vision 2030 Plan has been adopted

The Beaufort City Council unanimously adopted the Vision Beaufort 2030 Comprehensive Plan on its 2nd and final reading on December 8, 2009. This plan replaces the 1999 Comprehensive Plan and its 2004 update and in conformance with the requirements of State of South Carolina's requirements for mandated comprehensive plans.

This plan far exceeds the minimum state requirements by addressing such issues as regional planning and service delivery; climate change adaptation and energy efficiency; and detailed studies for infill and redevelopment opportunities. In total, the plan creates an implementable, twenty-year blueprint for long-term economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

The most recent and updated files can be downloaded from the links to the right. For additional information, please contact Libby Anderson, Planning Director at (843) 525-7012 or via email at

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Plan Adopted on 1st Reading

On Tuesday night, November 24, 2009, the Beaufort City Council unanimously adopted the Vision Beaufort 2030 Comprehensive Plan. The plan is subject to a 2nd reading to consolidate all amendments recommended by the Planning Commission. They will consider those amendments at their workshop on December 1st.

Also last night, a number of key action items were reported already in progress:
  1. The rerouting of US 21 away from Ribault Road to Parris Island Gateway
  2. The beginning of a neighborhood plan for the Northwest Quadrant
  3. The advancement of a discussion about regionalism including specifically regional governance and urban service delivery.
Also on November 24th the Council endorsed a plan to expand the current joint Planning Commission of Beaufort and Port Royal to also include 2 representatives from the County and 1 additional at-large member. The expanded joint planning commission would then have jurisdiction to make recommendations on planning issues to the respective jurisdictions throughout the urban growth boundary adopted in the Northern Beaufort County Regional Plan.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Plan Ready for Adoption by City Council

On November 11, 2009, the Joint Planning Commission recommended approval of the Vision Beaufort 2009 Comprehensive Plan. The revised draft is available for download at the links to the right.

As part of their approval, they also made a series amendments to the current. These changes reflect the Planning Commission's desire that this document is both strong in it language and clear in its intent. The changes to the document are below:

CH 2: The Path Forward
  • Clarified population trend data sources and usage (Ch 2 and App B)
CH 5: A Framework for Growth
  • Added reference to Port Royal’s sector plan (p.51)
  • Clarified Service Providers and their potential roles in the Urban Growth Boundary (p.73)
CH 6: Natural Infrastructure
  • Strengthened language regarding the use of TDR in preserving environmental lands
CH 9 Access & Mobility
  • Note about the City’s obligation to protect neighborhoods from future regional traffic growth
  • Added a new Action Item to establish an on-going multi-jurisdiction transportation planning process (AM 1.1)
  • Changed legend in the chart on page 148 from “Recommended” to “Potential” Transportation Solutions
  • Added an implementation legend for AM 2.1
CH 11: Serving our Citizens
  • Revised Fire Station Map
CH 12: Catalyst Sites
  • Clarified language to indicate that the Southside Park illustrations are but one possible outcome as well as added key elements of a planned Master Plan for that area
CH 13: Setting Priorities
  • Added a priority to report annually and update every 5 yrs

The City Council has scheduled a public hearing and a vote on the 1st Reading on the final document for Tuesday, November 24th at 6 pm in the Municipal Complex Courtroom.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Final Draft now Available

The Final Draft of the Vision Beaufort 2009 Comprehensive Plan is now available for download. Click on the links to the right to download individual chapters or one complete file. To submit comments or questions, email Libby Anderson, Planning Director or call the Planning Department at (843) 525-7012.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Closing Presentation - Nov 17

The 5 day charrette closed on Monday, November 17 to a standing-room-only crowd at the County Council Chambers. The presentation focused on four key areas for planning, growth, and development for the City:
  • We must protect and preserve that which brought us here including the natural beauty, the historic (and prehistoric) resources, and the strong military presence.
  • We must maintain Beaufort as a living community with vibrant, diverse neighborhoods, workforce housing, and a living downtown with a strong emphasis on its history.
  • We must improve mobility throughout the community with more efficient routes for the auto and prioritized transit, bicycle and pedestrian improvements to maintain our quality of life.
  • We must stabilize and improve our economic conditions with a more diversified tax base, expansion of existing major employers and institutions (e.g. military, USC-B, Beaufort Memorial Hospital, Lowcountry Technical Community College), new jobs, new sources of municipal revenue, and the efficient delivery of municipal services.
A copy of the presentation is available here.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday, Nov 15 - Day 4

The design studio was open throughout the day and many Beaufort citizens took the opportunity to stop by and express their visions and thoughts with the design team. Public interest remains high and a number of key planning elements are coming into focus including:
  • The rerouting of US 21 to open up opportunities to humanize the Ribault Road corridor
  • Infill opportunities throughout the community
  • Reasonable annexation/expansion areas
  • A diversity of housing initiatives throughout the community
  • Sustainable site design techniques
  • Redevelopment strategies for various parcels throughout the community including in the Burton community
  • Preservation strategies that keep certain areas as "living areas" rather than as museums for tourists


Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday, Nov 14 - Day 3

Today began with regional issues related to big box, regional retail, and common issues between Port Royal and Beaufort and ended with focus groups about development and small business development.

Participation remained strong as it has been throughout the week. The design continued to post up development ideas using the principles and practices espoused in the Vision and Goals document as well as from previous planning efforts. In addition, we continued to refine and consolidate a number of previous planning visions into a larger coherent framework. Specifically the design team introduced a "low build" alternative to the Northwest Bypass and a realignment of US 21 to improve conditions along Ribault Road.

Conceptual plans were developed for various infill and new development sites including the Northwest neighborhood, the historic core, the Lafayette Street area, the intersection of Sea Island Parkway and Lady's Island Parkway, and the Burton community.

The studio will be open throughout the day on Saturday. Don't forget to submit your comments on this web site or using the online survey here.