Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday, Nov 13 - Day 2

Downtown, Natural and Historic Preservation, and Utilities. . .
The second day of the charrette continued with strong attendance at meetings on Downtown development and parking, and Historic Preservation. Over 100 citizens and stakeholders attended meetings on these topics. Based on the comparatively lightly attended Environmental Protection & Sustainability meeting, Historic Preservation appears to be the clear preservation priority for Beaufort. Citizens and consultants also met with representatives of the County’s Stormwater Services, Beaufort Jasper Water & Sewer Authority, and SCE&G to discuss utility issues regarding growth and development in the area. Members of Beaufort’s elected and appointed boards as well as the Comprehensive Plan’s Stakeholder Committee have participated in all of the meetings.

At the daily pin-up session, designers and engineers showed refinements of their conceptual roadway network; future land use recommendations based on a series of walkable community nodes in buildable areas in the City’s western growth area; and strategic infill concepts for the Northwest Quadrant and downtown. Public comments at the pin up session included the desire to increase planning and funding for public transit; and the need to advocate for higher quality schools.



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