Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Charrette Kicks off on Monday, Nov 10th

Approximately 60 people attended the Public Kick-off meeting for the Comprehensive Plan Public Design Workshop at the Beaufort Middle School. The group included numerous elected and appointed officials, including Mayor-elect Keyserling, City Council members, Planning Board members, and members of the Comprehensive Plan Stakeholder committee.

After a brief presentation on the Comprehensive Plan process (see link under “Presentations” heading), the group broke into small groups to discuss the following questions and questions of community growth. The following is a summary of group ideas listed in priority order based on the number of similar ideas stated.

Small Group Discussion Questions Responses

1. WHAT DO VALUE ABOUT THE CITY OF BEAUFORT? What are those key places, things, and/or values in the community that are uniquely Beaufort and that should be preserved or enhanced? (List at least 3-5 items)

• Environment and natural resources, flora & fauna (2)
• Diversity of building design & neighborhoods
• Sense of community
• Accessibility to living needs, day-to-day needs (2)
• Affordable

2. WHAT CHANGES WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO SEE? WHAT specific ideas, ACTIONS OR STRATEGIES should the community undertake?

• Continue to protect natural resources, but make them accessible/usable
• Continue to protect historic resources, but make them accessible/usable
• Transportation plan for broad area: not just in and out; activities of daily living
• Proper mix of transportation alternatives (transit, walk/bike facilities)
• Economic opportunity: jobs, education, affordability
• Protect existing neighborhoods
• Infill and redevelopment for accessibility
• Southside community park (2)
• Encourage and promote festivals that display Beaufort’s cultural diversity
• Neighborhood organizations: foster sense of community, ownership of values, voices as group
• Encourage local farming (and local aquaculture/fishing)
• Coordination among governments/all entities, gov’t service, SCDOT, neighborhoods for all of the above and enforcement
• Enforcement of ordinances must be addressed and must be followed by all entities
• Develop Burton on grid; sensitive to those have been there

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