Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday, Nov 14 - Day 3

Today began with regional issues related to big box, regional retail, and common issues between Port Royal and Beaufort and ended with focus groups about development and small business development.

Participation remained strong as it has been throughout the week. The design continued to post up development ideas using the principles and practices espoused in the Vision and Goals document as well as from previous planning efforts. In addition, we continued to refine and consolidate a number of previous planning visions into a larger coherent framework. Specifically the design team introduced a "low build" alternative to the Northwest Bypass and a realignment of US 21 to improve conditions along Ribault Road.

Conceptual plans were developed for various infill and new development sites including the Northwest neighborhood, the historic core, the Lafayette Street area, the intersection of Sea Island Parkway and Lady's Island Parkway, and the Burton community.

The studio will be open throughout the day on Saturday. Don't forget to submit your comments on this web site or using the online survey here.



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